Have you seen PencilCodePencilCode is a collaborative programming site for drawing art, playing music, and creating games. It is also a place to experiment with mathematical functions, geometry, graphing, webpages, simulations, and algorithms. Programs are open for everyone to see and copy. This is a way to explore different types of code such as CSS, HTML and javascript. PencilCode is open source to allow flexibility in the way it can be used.

PencilCode guides teachers with their teacher materials page. This page enables  to teachers to look at ways in which they can embrace the use ofPencilCode in their class with their students. It includes online and offline activities.

This programme suits students who want to take their coding further. This is a full functioning programming platform where students can create games, music or joust enjoy some drawing.

PencilCode uses Coffeescript which software engineers use to build complex websites.


Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum

PencilCode covers all areas of the Digital Technology curriculum for years 5 and up

The following concepts are covered in this program across the curriculum for Years 5 and up

Sequencing, lines, angles, shape, variables, algorithm, branching, iteration, time, calculating, arrays, conditional, reasoning, cartesian coordinates, measurements, directions

Reading, navigating, explanation,  instructions, directions, cause and effect, predict

The Arts
Creating, designing, composition, manipulating elements and combinations, conceptualise

Critical and Creative Thinking
Criteria, investigate, reason, visual models, thinking processes, propose, strategize

Hypothesis, predict, variables, range of representation, graph, patterns, relationships, test, trial, error, record, methods, cause and effect


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