GoldieBlox Coding App Launch


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Since being introduced to GoldieBlox I have been following the action. Today I came across this new little App. GoldieBlox has grown from a Kickstarter campaign and is now a massive hit in the US. There is a whole marketing campaign around GoldieBlox where stores such as Toys ‘R’ Us and Target are selling building sets aimed to promote and encourage young girls to become involved in STEM.

GoldieBlox: Adventures in Coding follows the coding concept of problem-solving pathways to get from A to B. GoldieBlox helps with learning the fundamental concepts of coding. It has over 20 levels of puzzles. There is the ability, to use the variables, to code your own game. The App is aimed to build confidence and empower girls although boys would love this app as well!

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Toymaker GoldieBlox Launches Coding App for Girls as Young as 4

Links to Curriculum:

This Apps is new on the market. Once I have explored it I’ll post the links.

Check back soon 🙂



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