Professional Coders in Schools

Professional Coders step in to teach school kids to program the future


This article is a little old but is still so current. The boom in code clubs around schools see teachers needing to build their capacity to deliver to students more about coding and develop their computational thinking skills. See how a successful code club in high school had a positive impact on the students. The use of experts helped this teacher work towards students building apps and programming.



Careers with Code


This publication has many great articles in it that highlight the importance of the skills used in computational thinking. It focuses on future careers and the transformation happening in the generations that proceed us. Google helps to publish this magazine and it is free of charge. Share these stories with your students, I ‘m sure they will find some inspiration in them.

If you would like to find out more read Sally-Ann Williams’ introduction to the magazine here.



10 places where anyone can learn to code!

When I started my code journey I began by collecting as many articles and resources as possible. So here I am sharing my collection. One of the first articles I read was a TED article “10 places where anyone can learn to code!” This put in my mind my starting point. Like in this article, I would be referred to as a “digital native” growing up with computers around me. The resources in this article are where I started with my students. You might like to start there as well.