Code 4 Kids

The vision of Code 4 Kids is for educators to embrace Computer Science in school communities all around the world. It is also to build teacher capacity to carry out the teaching of Computer Science.

Code 4 Kids has been initiated to help educators connect and share their love and knowledge of Computer Science. It is also a community where educators can connect with others to further their own understanding of Computer Science and seek advice or ask questions reaching out to the global world. Code 4 Kids has been developed to help further how Computer Science is being used in schools and to help find starting points for you to begin coding in your school.

Computer Science is fast becoming the trend in education for 21st century learners. It is transforming the world and evoking discussions about coding in classrooms and school environments. Future careers are increasing in their need for Computer Science. The need is growing for more digital artist, code breakers, game creators, online journalist, and inventors.

Be a part of the conversation through the Google+ Community and our webinars that will feature experts in the field and teachers that sharing what they are doing in their school communities.
This image by Brian Aspinall and Sylvia Duckworth is a great breakdown to why we should teach code in schools.